Magnet aims for games with its Bolt package

Magnet's Bolt package

Magnet's Bolt package

Telecoms company Magnet has launched a new service tailored for online gamers, promising the best connections and lowest lag on the market.

‘Magnet Bolt’ is described by the company as a bespoke package that is tweaked to suit each customer’s individual needs. Those who sign up will have their connection fine-tuned by company engineers and Magnet say their staff will monitor traffic and prioritise certain gaming servers to reduce connection delays.

The connection itself is 12mb/s and has a 1:1 contention ratio – meaning the line is not shared with other users. Bolt does not come cheap, however, costing €70 per month although that price includes line rental.

If Magnet’s promises are to be believed that may be worth it for hardcore gamers, however. The company says Bolt’s ping times – the time it takes information to make a round-trip from one machine to another – are as low as 16 milliseconds. That would compare to what they claim is an Irish average of 192 milliseconds.

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