HP OfficeJet Pro 8000 review


The HP OfficeJet Pro 8000

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8000 is a great printer for any small office or home user but its lack of scanning abilities takes the shine off even if it does save on space.

It is easy to assume that one printer is as good as the other when you are looking at them in the shop but the minor flaw that is apparent at first soon becomes a massive failure when you face it down every day.

The speed, noise and ease of use of a printer all become significantly important very shortly after the ‘new toy’ feeling has passed and the less you have to think about these things – and your printer in general – the more likely it is that it is doing a good job.

In short, printers are a headache – some are just less of a headache than others.

When it comes to the HP OfficeJet Pro 8000, however, the user is likely to have little more than a mild twinge.

Designed, as the name suggests, for the office as opposed to the home this device is neatly packaged and easy on the eye. It is easy on the brain too and initial set up of the device is relatively pain-free and quick, even when it comes to software installation.

For all intents and purposes the Pro 8000 is a fairly flair-free printer – tellingly so given its lack of buttons and options on the front of the device. The one little trick it does hold up its sleeve is its built-in WiFi which is thankfully becoming a standard across printing devices.

What is most enjoyable at HP’s implementation of WiFi in this instance, however, is the fact that it works. Not just some of the time but – in the case of the trial unit used for the purposes of this review – all of the time. Again, set-up of this is simple and once it is installed it just does what it is told, even from the other side of the building (within reason, of course).

As an added bonus printing is fast and quite quiet, with the print quality being very impressive even on the quickest of print jobs.

Printers are known for being a temperamental sort of machine and while the Pro 8000 misses some of the normal pit falls it is not without its eccentricities. One bizarre one is its refusal to print when sat on certain flat surfaces – the exact reason for which is still a mystery.

However the main omission that takes away from the HP printer is its distinct lack of a scanner. Leaving it out certainly saves space and allows the Pro 8000 to be a master of one job rather than a jack of all trades but at the same time it severely limits its functionality and would force users to purchase one if not two other devices to take care of everyday tasks.

For example even with a standalone scanner, which are not expensive, photocopying direct on the device is impossible. Instead you would have to scan onto the computer via one application and print from the computer via another – all in all taking about 10 minutes more and a lot more hassle than the job should require.

As a printer, however, the Pro 8000 is well-recommended. It is not – and in fairness does not try to be – an all-in-one office solution and for those looking to add another straight-forward printer to their office set up they could do much, much worse.

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