Google will increase staff in Dublin, says CEO

Google's VP of online sames in EMEA, John Herlihy & CEO Eric Schmidt.

Google's VP of online sames in EMEA, John Herlihy & CEO Eric Schmidt.

Google will be continually increasing staff at its Dublin base as it responds to an increase in its revenues worldwide, according to the search giant’s CEO Eric Schmidt.

Speaking at the company’s international sales conference in Killarney, Co. Kerry today, Schmidt said he saw the country as a good location for the foreseeable future.

“[Ireland] is still a very good place to be from our end,” he said. “I’ve got the work-force and they’re well educated, I’ve got the management team and I’ve got the infrastructure.”

According to Schmidt the majority of its international revenue comes through its Dublin operations and this side of the company’s business is growing faster than its US equivalent.

“As our global revenue expands we will be expanding consistent with that,” he said. “We will be [increasing staff], that’s a fact.”

While Schmidt’s comments do not signal any large-scale job creation they are sure to be well-received by Government and industry alike, which will see it as a show of confidence in Ireland’s ability to be a high-tech player.

However not all of what Schmidt said will sit easy with the Government. While not referring specifically to Ireland’s situation, the company head did say a quality broadband network will be vital to any economy in the coming years.

“Leadership in broadband is key to economic quality for the next 10-20 years,” he said, pointing to the success of some Asian countries in rolling out fibre-optic networks which delivery massive speeds to users.

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